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How To Use

Although the trend of using wax melts and cakes is fast becoming well known we often get asked what our products are and how to use them, so we put together a little "how to" guide to clear things up. 




Take your desired wax melt and carefully slice into quarters. We think its best to start with a quarter and take it from there as some burners are bigger than others and it's best not to put too much in. 




Place your cut up melt onto the top of the burner.




Place a lit tealight in the base compartment of your burner.




The wax will start to melt and fill your room wiith the delicious scent. Add to it as necessary. How long the melt lasts for depends on how much you use it but a few hours a day should work for about a week. It may be tempting but never touch the hot wax. 




When the melt has lost its scent wait for the wax to dry and pop it out. Some people find it easier to put the burner in the freezer (after removing the tealight) for a couple of minutes as the wax will shrink and it is easier to remove. Alternatively, light your tealight again and let it melt the bottom of the wax. It should slide straight off. 




Always be careful when lighting the tealights. Keep your burner away from curtains or anything that may catch fire. Never leave it unattended and keep it out of reach of children and pets. 





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